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Pilotenjacke Pilotenjacke
  • 0623

  • "Classic pilot jacket plain or 2-coloured, detachable acrylic lining, detachable collar, detachable sleeves, functional
    Pilotenjacke 3 in 1 Pilotenjacke 3 in 1
  • 0623P

  • Our 3 in 1 all-weather jacket is the perfect choice for any adventure. It has a removable lining and detachable sleeves and collar so you can...
    Waistband trousers Waistband trousers
  • 20288

  • These trousers from Bridge Work offer a combination of functionality and comfort. With 2 slit pockets, 2 back pockets with flaps and patch knee...
    Dungarees Dungarees
  • 20309

  • These work trousers from Bridge Work feature numerous functional pockets for optimum organisation and storage space. The hard-wearing blended...
    Waistband trousers Waistband trousers
  • 20308

  • These work trousers from the Bridge Work range are characterised by their simplicity and functionality. Made from a hard-wearing blended fabric...
    Mens Work Trousers Mens Work Trousers
  • 20690

  • Optimise your workwear with our work trousers, which not only offer practical leg and back pockets, but also impress with details in a contrasting...
    Men's Work Dungarees Men's Work Dungarees
  • 20691

  • Our work dungarees from Bridgework not only offer you practical leg and back pockets, but also adjustable straps for a customised fit. The...
    Mens Quilted Jacket Mens Quilted Jacket
  • 62154

  • This men's quilted jacket not only offers warmth, but also safety and style. With reflective zips and side zip pockets, it ensures visibility and...
    Mens Work Jacket Mens Work Jacket
  • 62245

  • This work jacket combines functionality and style. Equipped with practical pockets, it offers sufficient storage space for all important items. The...