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Mens Cardigan Mens Cardigan
  • 60451

  • This stylish men's cardigan is lined with soft Berber fleece for excellent warmth and comfort. Featuring side slit pockets and a practical stand-up...
    Mens Knitted Cardigan Mens Knitted Cardigan
  • 61804

  • This fashionable men's cardigan features a stylish Norwegian pattern and an elegant stand-up collar. Featuring two welt pockets and a length of...
    Mens Knitted Cardigan Mens Knitted Cardigan
  • 61661

  • A lightweight, padded men's cardigan that offers optimum comfort. The diamond quilted lining and two slit pockets offer functionality and style....
    Reversible knitted cap Reversible knitted cap
  • 70703

  • Discover the versatility of our reversible knitted cap from Leitfeuer. This beanie offers two looks in one: one side is plain with a modern pressed...
    Men's rubber boots Men's rubber boots
  • 70711

  • Men's wellies
    Knitted gloves Knitted gloves
  • 90127

  • Our knitted gloves in melange look are timeless accessories that go with any outfit. Their three-colour design gives them a special touch. As they...
    Men's Quilted Vest Men's Quilted Vest
  • 30413

  • Men's quilted vest
    Mens Softshell Jacket Mens Softshell Jacket
  • 62130

  • Mens quilted jacket
    Mens Sweat Jacket Mens Sweat Jacket
  • 62137

  • Mens Sweat Jacket
    Men's sweatshirt Men's sweatshirt
  • 80592

  • Discover the ultimate in comfort with our men's sweatshirt from Baumfuchs. Equipped with practical slit pockets, this hoodie not only offers warmth...
    Men's outdoor trousers Men's outdoor trousers
  • 20630

  • "Our men's outdoor trousers with fleece bonding are the perfect choice for adventures in the great outdoors. These trousers offer optimum...
    Knitted cap Knitted cap
  • 70799

  • Men's Cap
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