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Whistleblower protection

The Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) has been in force since July 2, 2023. If a company employs at least 50 people, the employer must ensure that an office for internal reports (from December 17, 2023) is set up to which whistleblowers (usually employees, but also self-employed persons, interns, volunteers, employees of suppliers and persons whose employment relationship has already ended or has not yet begun) can turn to report a violation under the HinSchG. The purpose of the law is to protect whistleblowers who draw attention to breaches of the law and regulations in companies and public authorities. 

Our company has also set up an internal whistleblower reporting office. This reporting office offers you the opportunity to report possible violations of laws, internal guidelines or grievances in the workplace confidentially and securely. The establishment of this reporting office underlines our commitment to transparency, integrity and upholding our corporate values. Your concerns or tips about misconduct, ethical issues or data protection concerns are important to us.

To submit a report, please contact our whistleblowing officer using the following contact details

  • by e-mail: hinweisgeberschutz@terrax.de
  • by telephone on +49 (0)2369 20 338-190
  • by post: TERRAX Außenhandels-GmbH, Whistleblower Reporting Officer, Endelner Feld 22, 46286 Dorsten


 We are aware that the protection of your identity is of the utmost importance when reporting sensitive issues. We therefore assure you that all information received will be treated confidentially and carefully checked. The purpose of this measure is to create an open and trusting working environment in which everyone can feel safe to raise concerns. You can also make a report anonymously. If you have provided the Reporting Officer with your contact details, you will receive confirmation of receipt within 7 days of your report, and our Reporting Officer will inform you of the results of the investigation into your report within 3 months at the latest.

For further questions or information, please contact our whistleblower reporting office at hinweisgeberschutz@terrax.de.