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Strickmütze Strickmütze
  • 0725

  • " Thinsulate knitted hat, serves as an accessory and has no protective function, not certified, Terratrend Job Label
    Strickmütze Strickmütze
  • 70416

  • " Men's knitted cap, fleece lined inside, Terratrend Job Basic Plus Label
    Strickmütze Strickmütze
  • 70415

  • Herren Strickmütze, Innenseite mit Fleece gefüttert, Roadsign Label
    Knitted hat Knitted hat
  • 0786

  • Terratrend Thinsulate knitted hat
    Strickmütze Beruf Strickmütze Beruf
  • 70476

  • " Men's knitted cap, double layered, contrasting logo on the side, Terrax Workwear Label
    Knitted Cap Knitted Cap
  • 70677

  • The two-tone men's knitted hat with contrasting inside is not only stylish, but also functional. The TERRAX Workwear label guarantees quality and...
    Knitted Cap Knitted Cap
  • 70678

  • Men's knitted cap, two-tone, inside in contrasting colour, Uncle Sam Workwear Label
    Tool belt Tool belt
  • 70679

  • Our TERRAX Workwear tool belt is the perfect solution for professionals who value flexibility. With the adjustable length and the option to shorten...
    Tool bag Tool bag
  • 70680

  • The tool bag from TERRAX Workwear impresses with its practical details. The bag is equipped with plastic snap hooks for easy attachment. Available...
    Tool holder Tool holder
  • 70681

  • The tool holder from TERRAX Workwear is an indispensable accessory for any tool kit. The metal clip ensures secure attachment, while the TERRAX...
    Mobile phone bag Mobile phone bag
  • 70682

  • The cell phone holder from TERRAX Workwear not only offers protection, but also ease of use. The flap with press stud allows it to be securely...
    Nail bag Nail bag
  • 70683

  • The nail pouch from TERRAX Workwear is the ideal companion for craftsmen who value organization and practicality. The strap for attaching to the...
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